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How do I figure out my CBD dosage?


CBD, short for CANNABIDIOL, is a fast-spreading medical compound derived from the cannabis plant. You have probably heard of its many medical benefits, with that knowledge established, the next question is: How much CBD do I need to take to enjoy those benefits?

That’s the question this piece of content is posed to answer.

Unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive compound, which means that CBD will never get you “high.” Rather CBD and hemp-based cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, CBC, and so many more have been talked about for use with:

  • Helping ease depressing and anxious thoughts
  • Better sleep
  • Support the aid in symptoms of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease),
  • Seizures in epileptic people,
  • Soothe pain and Inflammation.



It is very important to be very aware of the proper dosage for your favorite CBD products because irrespective of what condition you want to treat with CBD, you must be using the right amounts or it just might not work for you.



At CUR, we cherish customer satisfaction and we try to enlighten our customers as much as possible, so we will show you how to properly consider the amount of CBD you can consume at a given time. There are several factors that contribute to the amount of CBD product you can consume, they include:

  • The condition you are facing.
  • Your bodyweight.
  • Your body chemistry.
  • The concentration in each pill, gummy, drop, or capsule.

There are quite a number of factors to consider in successfully knowing the best suited dosage for you. Normally professional Customer service will get you the best dosage according to the condition you are treating and every other factor to be considered. It is important that you stick to professional recommendations. That said, let’s get to the calculations.



Generally, you should always start with a small dosage, around 30mg daily, and then you can start increasing/decreasing it by 5mg every week until you begin to see changes and desired effects.


For example, the CUR 1000mg CBD oil contains 33mg in every 1ml dropper. You could start with 1 full dropper every day then begin to increase/decrease it as needed. This can be broken up into 1/2 dropper (16mg) in the morning and another 1/2 dropper at night. After about 2 weeks of consistent use you should start seeing the most return from your products.


For very mild conditions, like to sleep better or to find relief from feeling peckish, you could use about 20mg of CBD. The CBD oil dropper allows you to measure the volume of oil, which allows us you to figure out how many drops to take to make 20mg. See equation below for determining the CBD dosage in your oil.

CBD Dosage per 1ml (1 milliliter)
(Total MG in Bottle) ÷ (Total ml in bottle)
Example 1: 1000mg/30ml = 33mg/1ml
Example 2: 500mg/30ml = 16mg/1ml


How much oil (in ml) to achieve desired dosage
(Desired Dosage) ÷ (Dosage per 1ml)
Example for 1000mg bottle (assuming I want to take 25mg of CBD)
(25mg) ÷ (33mg) = .75ml to achieve 25mg dose
Example for 500mg bottle (assuming I want to take 25mg of CBD)
(25mg) ÷ (16mg) = 1.5ml to achieve 25mg dose



If you are looking for options that are pre-measured you could opt for the CUR CBD gummies. Our CBD Gummies are infused with 25mg of pure CBD. This is much easier to have a consistent dosage, but it does not make it easy to customize a specific dose.


Is it possible to take too much CBD?

A study of the effects of continuous use of CBD in 2011 revealed that even high doses of 1500mg per day can be tolerated well by humans. Follow up studies were performed in 2017 and 2019 which also confirmed that claim but some concerns were raised in the 2019 study about some liver damages in excessive consumption of CBD. Excessive consumption in this case is continuous use of about 2000mg of CBD per day.

CBD also prides itself with the existence of very few and mild known side-effects that rarely occur. However, when they do occur, they may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite and weight.


There you have it.


Now you know your CBD dosage! Find the best CBD products here and now!


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