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Why people are choosing CBD for their Dogs and Cats

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CBD is one of the fastest growing alternative health trends in the United States. People keep talking about how CBD is helping their everyday life. Your friends have told you about how taking CBD oil has supported their fight against social anxiety and even your grandmother is raving about CBD gummies and creams that are a great addition to relieving her ongoing arthritis pain. Among all the buzz for CBD and its uses as well as the many products featuring CBD, many people are asking if the benefits of CBD can expand to their furry companions as well as studies are starting to be done on the benefits of CBD for pets. You clearly want what’s best for your furry companion and hopefully this blog will help you find the best route to take when giving your loved pets CBD oil or products.

What is CBD?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound or cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Sativa Plant. It is a natural substance in the plant that is now finding itself being used in products such as edibles and oils for its significant therapeutic and relaxing characteristics when applied or consumed. However, unlike THC, another chemical found in the Sativa plant, CBD is non-psychoactive. CBD has differing effects on the brain’s neuroreceptors than THC meaning that the consumption and use of CBD will not cause its users to feel “high” or intoxicated. Because of this, CBD is a good alternative health option to those who are looking for the health benefits of the Cannabis Sativa plant but may not want the additional intoxicating effects that are associated with the consumption of THC. This fact remains the same for pets as well as the use of CBD will not cause them to feel intoxicated in any way. Because of this and other studies that have been conducted on the use of CBD for pets, CBD could be useful in treating you and your furry companions.

CBD for Dogs

Many people don’t understand the difference between CBD and THC. THC can be harmful to pets but CBD, which doesn’t produce the same intoxicating effect as THC, can be used as a positive way to reinforce your pet’s central nervous system for a natural health supplement that can be linked to overall higher levels of health. Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system in our body. This is the same for dogs as they have these receptors as well. This system helps regulate our central nervous systems, and the same can be said for pets. This means CBD oil for pets can be used to help keep our pets in a natural healthy state.

How can CBD help my Dog?

While there has been little scientific testing done on CBD for pets (and us humans too!), many pet owners have said that CBD has helped treat a variety of health problems with their furry friends. According to the American Kennel Club, many pet owners have claimed that CBD has helped treat their pets’ pain as well as neurological issues such as seizures. Other pet owners have claimed that CBD has helped their pet’s nausea and vomiting as well. The AKC has also sponsored studies through Colorado State and their veterinary program that is looking for data to support CBD being linked to helping dogs with epilepsy and other medical conditions.


Health and Safety Risks in using CBD for your Pets

Contact your pet’s veterinarian before giving your pet CBD oil or products. While there is currently no data that shows that CBD could potentially be harmful to Dogs, your pets may experience side effects from CBD. The main side effects to be aware of are drowsiness or your pet experiencing dry mouth or a dry nose. The FDA currently hasn’t approved CBD and hasn’t issued a dosage chart for pets yet so it is important to talk to your pet’s primary veterinarian before issuing CBD to your pet, then keep checking them for side effects.


How should I Give CBD to my Pets?

The AKC recommends that you always give your pet CBD in liquid or oil form. While there are dog treats available that contain CBD, it is easier to regulate the dosage of CBD when you are directly controlling how much CBD you are giving to your dog. Some people prefer to put the oil directly on the pets food, however, if the pet does not eat their food in one sitting you may want to put the oil directly onto a treat to guarantee consumption. Remember to also shop organically grown hemp if possible and only purchase CBD from reputable brands or stores. Remember also to get the numbers. Your CBD distributor should be able to tell you how much CBD is in any product that your purchase. Ask your vet about CBD if you have any further questions.

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